Vivo Y21 – Review


The Vivo Y21 is the next generation of digital cameras from Vogue. This compact model offers all the features that the top of the line digital camera can provide. It comes with many customizable options including white balance, auto focus, and image stabilization. For those that want to take the picture with a professional look, it comes with a large 1.megapixel camera and an auto-focus option. The camera also has six color filters as well as a red eye reduction. vivo y21

Display and camera The vivid 6. 51 inch IPS LCD screen of the vivo y 21 packs a huge touch screen for those that are interested in taking the picture with precision. It has a full-HD video recorder as well as a large, bright screen. The phone also boasts a large, high-contrast outdoor light filter, a heart rate monitor, a USB port, and a one-year warranty. The price of this smartphone is a bit steep–it will cost about two hundred dollars or more.

Camera The rear camera on the vivo y 21 has an eight megapixel resolution, which is great if you want to snap some quality pictures. It comes with an auto-focus system, a self-timer, and image stabilization. The phone also boasts a front facing five megapixel camera. The resolution is adequate and the camera does come with an auto-exposure function, but it is not high-quality. It does run android 11, so it may run some apps that you don’t necessarily care for.

Camera The rear camera setup on the Y 21 is just like the iPhone and iPod touch, so users should expect a lot of low-quality images. The phone also offers a front facing five megapixel camera, but it’s a little lower quality than the rear camera. It’s a good idea to download some decent pictures from your social media sites, and then save them onto your card. This should speed things up if you need to edit the photos.

Battery Life The battery life on the Y 21 is fairly short, lasting about six hours on a single charge. This phone definitely isn’t as fast as some of the other devices on the market today, but for people who want something with plenty of power, this is definitely a fine choice. The phone also offers a nice dual-mode capability, which allows it to switch between a standard camera mode and the video mode with a simple press of a button. This is a very useful feature, especially if you are someone who is frequently using video applications or likes to take pictures in different modes.

Video This unit doesn’t have a very wide range of features, but it does have a front and rear camera that are quite good. The pictures aren’t too high quality, but they are far from useless. The Y 21 has a built in photo album, and you can also upload some to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The only real problem with the video quality is that there are no cameras attached to the phones themselves, so if you plan on taking lots of videos, you might want to invest in an external camera to attach to your phone. Also, the Y series is only available in black and white, so if you don’t care too much about taking pictures, you might not be too excited about the opportunity to buy a $400 phone that can take better pictures than most of the competition.

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